Bus Stop Memories

Every day as a kid, my mom would meet me and my brother at the bus stop with a special treat.  At 3:45 each afternoon she would surprise us with a different, unique, exotic fruit.    I remember with joy tasting a star fruit, a kumquat, lychee, mango, pomelo, durian fruit, persimon, blood oranges and cara cara navels.   Our special outings on weekends involved heading over to Sue’s market to stock up on new fruits for the week.   The different tastes were tantalizing and I remember one year we wrote poems about all the different fruits.

Gregory the bunny

There’s a bunny who comes to visit me in the yard every day.  I’ve nicknamed him Gregory.  I’m deeply fond of this cheerful little critter and feel like each time I see him is a sign of good luck.  I’m pretty sure he lives under our shed and I haven’t seen him for a few weeks.  I miss my little friend and I hope that he’s warm and happy.  Hope to see you munching in the garden this summer Gregory.

International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day I have so many things I want to say.  Primarily I’d like to thank my amazing super-hero of a mother for the way in which she raised me and my brother.  I was in awe of her as a small child and as I’ve gotten older my childhood suspicion that she was in fact super woman has only grown.  I’ve never seen someone who can stay up so late taking care of her family and return day after day to the classroom to deliver such passionate lectures.   I am inspired every day by her amazing juxtaposition of traits.  She is simultaneously the quintessential nurturer and the ever curious scholar.  She is my inspiration.

What Could Have Been

Ah the winter storm that never was! I feel so foolish for fearing the worst and buying that extra salt.  I am delighted that we never saw the dangerous weather that was predicted.   My mom and husband successfully made their multiple hour commutes and I rest easy knowing that those I love have braved the cold and make it home.


Here I sit at my desk happily finishing up my homework; delighted to be inside after a brisk jaunt to the store.   The windshield wipers are up and the shovel waits patiently by the door excited to be used one final time this season to clear my sidewalk.   A bucket of paw friendly salt sits on the porch keeping the shovel company.  I finally took my parka out of my trunk this afternoon where it has been happily resting for the last three weeks.  I was hesitant to put these things away but certainly hopeful that spring was creeping ever closer.   I suppose Punxsutawney Phil was right again.

Grocery Dilema

The age-old question: do I need to go grocery shopping or can I put it off for one more night?  I’ve been putting off going grocery shopping for the past 3 days out of a combination of procrastination and coming down with a cold.  Today we reached critical mass when I discovered the only 3 things we had were tofu, bell peppers, and fish nuggets from the Asian market.   I once again toyed with the idea of going to Costco, but instead I decided to make an ultimate stir fry.  I combined 6 beautiful bell peppers (yellow, red and orange), 4 blocks of tofu and some delicious fish nuggets.    I covered the whole mélange of vegetables and pescatarian goodies in rice vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and fish sauce.  The results surprised me; I’d simultaneously cleaned out the fridge and satisfied my hunger.  Now all that’s left to do is confront my aversion to grocery shopping, but that my friends, is a job for another day.

Spring Flirtation

The snowdrops are peaking up over the hill by my house.  Hesitant, but persistently growing each day.  There’s an earthy aroma in the air which signals that spring has begun flirting with us after a frigid winter.  The sun is lingering longer each day, but just as I start packing up my mittens and coat, I see that snow is in the forcast again.  I’m ready to start planting my garden again, but mother nature has other ideas.  I guess I can hold off a little longer as the weather makes up its mind.