Oh coffee, my first love.  Liquid gold.   There’s no pleasure quite like smelling coffee brewing first thing in the morning.   The first sip is always the best; it’s filled with smooth, velvety goodness.  No cream or sugar needed, they just dilute that pure taste.   This week our coffee maker broke.   Each time I walk into the kitchen, I feel a little jab of sadness when I see the empty place where our beloved coffee maker used to sit.  It will be a glorious day when the new one arrives. I feel like a kid on Christmas waiting for it to get here.


I love watching HGTV, especially house hunters international.   I enjoy fantasizing about all the amazing countries around the world that I want to visit.  I’m particularly interested in visiting Korea and Japan as I’ve already enjoyed visiting family in Greece and Italy.  It would be so interesting to teach abroad.  I’ve been eating my fill of kimchi and imagining teleporting to Seoul.  Here’s to the next adventure!

Washington DC Adventure

Today was a wonderful day! I went to Washington DC and got to see the National History Museum and the National Gallery of Art.   I was extremely impressed with the exquisite, intricately crafted wooden furniture from the 1700’s.  I had fun walking through the sculpture garden and was particularly intrigued by a beautiful silver tree which I took a picture of against an ominous sky.  We drove past each country’s embassy and played a game to see who could recognize the most flags.   A few magnolia trees were in bloom, but the cherry trees by the Jefferson Memorial only have buds on them.


Anticipation is such sweet joy.  Sometimes the anticipation is just as enjoyable as what you are waiting for.   Tonight I’m excitedly awaiting my trip to Washington DC.  My husband and I work opposite shifts and we finally have a day off in common.  We’re going to visit one of the Smithsonian museums which we have yet to decide on.   I’d most like to go the Air and Space Museum or the Natural History Museum, but all of them are so interesting!


Have you ever done something hasty and unnecessary that you wish you could undo?

Earlier this week, I bought my husband bluetooth headphones for his birthday and excitedly offered to install them so he could enjoy them after work.   Our television is heavy and I thought I could save myself some time and avoid pulling a muscle trying to move it.   I hastily yanked the AV cords at an angle pulling down and to the left instead of straight back.  Out came the wires and half of the prong.  Unfortunately the rest of the prong stayed stuck in the port and broke off.  It got wedged deeply, but ever the optimist I tried to pry it out using a cake tester, a pair of pliers and a pair of tweezers.  I succeeded in wedging the prong even further into the port and it is now hopelessly stuck.     They say patience is a virtue and I’m beginning to see why.


Today my husband and I went to the Asian Market a few blocks from our house.  We’ve decided to eat healthier food recently and we’ve basically been surviving on stir fry.  Recently we stumbled upon vegetable dumplings and I’m happy to report they are exactly what our broccoli, carrot and spinach stir fry has been missing.  Now we stir fry the vegetables with fish sauce, rice vinegar and balsamic vinegar, add some dumplings and top the dish with kimchi.   The result is delicious.

Wedding Bells

Today was a beautiful day! I had the privillege of watching a good friend get married.  Her ceremony was an exquisite blend two wonderful cultures.  She is Jewish and he is African American.  My favorite part of the ceremony was when they jumped over a broom (an African American tradition) and landed breaking the glass (a Jewish tradition).  They had a rabbi and a pastor and the ceremony was in English and Hebrew.  Watching them share their vows as the begin a new life together brought me joy and reminded me of my own wedding only 3 years ago.