Family Reunion

Today was everything I was hoping for.  My husband and I successfully transported two mattresses in our car from Lancaster to Philadelphia.  We avoided the aggressive drivers and made it in one piece.  The weather was perfect and we went to my favorite restaurant.   I got to see my parents, brother and the dog which made me super happy.   We went for a walk near where I grew up and then headed to my parents’ home to catch up.  Now my mom and I are baking our traditional Greek pastries and I feel like a little kid again sitting on the counter and enjoying each other’s company.  Life is good.

Evening Excitement

Tonight, I’m really happy.  Tomorrow we are visiting my parents and brother in Philadelphia.  We are going out for dinner at my favorite restaurant, Nam Phong, and I’m going to get the best beef pho in Pennsylvania.  We’ll probably go for a walk by the banks of the Schuylkill river and maybe visit the Philadelphia Art Museum.   I’m sure my husband will take us on an adventure through his cherished neighborhoods.   So much has changed since I moved away and every time I visit it seems like a new sky scraper has been built.

Snow Poem

Pink hands

Little flakes stinging my cheeks

Determined flakes, multiply exponentially

Frozen toes, warm heart

Laughing at the icicles forming in my wet hair

Kid at heart, can’t resist tossing a soft little snowball

Unabashed joy

Snow Brings Out the Best in People

I’ve been marveling today about goodness I’ve seen in humanity as the snow inundated Lancaster county.  The highway was downright treacherous, but before the emergency vehicles arrived, multiple people got out of their cars to check on the driver who slid off the road.  Kids in my neighborhood offered to shovel out older neighbors.  And some good Samaritan decided to snow blow the entire block.  He or she even made a path from the road to my house before I could even get out the shovel.  I suspect that it was my next door neighbor, but I can’t be certain because last year I was surprised when multiple neighbors I didn’t even know showed up to help push my car out of a snowy encased parking spot.    I am truly grateful to see people still care about each other and I’m planning on paying it forward next winter.


Snow flying from the sky.  A brisk breeze taking flakes for a spin.  The spiral of a snowflake floating to the ground leaves piles high.  It’s OK for now, but tonight will show how the snow will be.  Tomorrow’s weather is a mystery.

Soup Weather

This morning was sweater weather.  It was 30 degrees when I left at 6:00 am.  I was so cold before my car warmed up enough for the heat to kick on.  I don’t like the cold at all and I feel it linger even hours after it’s warmed up.  When I got home I cranked the heat up to 74 (a decision I don’t regret one bit) and went to buy some soup.  I’m curled up under a blanket getting ready to eat my tomato soup and grilled cheese.  If you’d asked me in January if I’d still be under a blanket, eating soup in late March I would probably have said “no way!”.  Spring is supposed to be around the corner, but I’m not buying it.  It’s supposed to snow tomorrow and Wednesday.  Spring, I need you!

Gregory the Bunny Part 2

Today I was so happy that I squealed when I caught a glimpse of my old friend, Gregory the bunny.  I’ve been missing him every time I pulled into the driveway expecting to see him nibbling the garden beds.  I thought maybe he’d gone into hiding under the shed to escape this seemingly eternal winter.  I wondered if he had found another yard to grace with his presence instead of ours? I’m happy to report that Gregory is back!  Also Gregory may indeed be Gregorina and I suspect she is quite pregnant.