Snow Brings Out the Best in People

I’ve been marveling today about goodness I’ve seen in humanity as the snow inundated Lancaster county.  The highway was downright treacherous, but before the emergency vehicles arrived, multiple people got out of their cars to check on the driver who slid off the road.  Kids in my neighborhood offered to shovel out older neighbors.  And some good Samaritan decided to snow blow the entire block.  He or she even made a path from the road to my house before I could even get out the shovel.  I suspect that it was my next door neighbor, but I can’t be certain because last year I was surprised when multiple neighbors I didn’t even know showed up to help push my car out of a snowy encased parking spot.    I am truly grateful to see people still care about each other and I’m planning on paying it forward next winter.

4 thoughts on “Snow Brings Out the Best in People”

  1. Every time I’m caught by the unexpected I am pleased to experience neighborliness. It makes me wonder why I don’t notice – or what it would be like – to feel that type of community every single day.


  2. This was a great slice to read to start my day today. It reminds me of a picture book I recently purchased called Most People. It reminds us that lost people in the world are good. I’m glad you encountered some of them.

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