Have you ever done something hasty and unnecessary that you wish you could undo?

Earlier this week, I bought my husband bluetooth headphones for his birthday and excitedly offered to install them so he could enjoy them after work.   Our television is heavy and I thought I could save myself some time and avoid pulling a muscle trying to move it.   I hastily yanked the AV cords at an angle pulling down and to the left instead of straight back.  Out came the wires and half of the prong.  Unfortunately the rest of the prong stayed stuck in the port and broke off.  It got wedged deeply, but ever the optimist I tried to pry it out using a cake tester, a pair of pliers and a pair of tweezers.  I succeeded in wedging the prong even further into the port and it is now hopelessly stuck.     They say patience is a virtue and I’m beginning to see why.

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