Gregory the bunny

There’s a bunny who comes to visit me in the yard every day.  I’ve nicknamed him Gregory.  I’m deeply fond of this cheerful little critter and feel like each time I see him is a sign of good luck.  I’m pretty sure he lives under our shed and I haven’t seen him for a few weeks.  I miss my little friend and I hope that he’s warm and happy.  Hope to see you munching in the garden this summer Gregory.

2 thoughts on “Gregory the bunny”

  1. I wish I could be as happy as you are with your rabbit. I am afraid I feel more like Mr. Mc Gregor in Peter Rabbit. The nice bunnies have eaten my bushes all winter and there will be no spring blooms. – I am glad you enjoy your neighborhood rabbit just would like to reduce our numbers in our area. 🙂


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