Grocery Dilema

The age-old question: do I need to go grocery shopping or can I put it off for one more night?  I’ve been putting off going grocery shopping for the past 3 days out of a combination of procrastination and coming down with a cold.  Today we reached critical mass when I discovered the only 3 things we had were tofu, bell peppers, and fish nuggets from the Asian market.   I once again toyed with the idea of going to Costco, but instead I decided to make an ultimate stir fry.  I combined 6 beautiful bell peppers (yellow, red and orange), 4 blocks of tofu and some delicious fish nuggets.    I covered the whole mélange of vegetables and pescatarian goodies in rice vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and fish sauce.  The results surprised me; I’d simultaneously cleaned out the fridge and satisfied my hunger.  Now all that’s left to do is confront my aversion to grocery shopping, but that my friends, is a job for another day.

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