This Is Not the End

31 days have flown by.  I wasn’t sure I could make it through the whole challenge.  I wasn’t sure I had enough interesting things to write about.   Engaging in this challenge has unleashed my inner writer and made it easier for me to write about anything.  I am constantly thinking throughout the day about what I want to discuss when I get home.  I am grateful for what I’ve learned and the kind, supportive community I’ve met along the way.  I hope to continue blogging as a creative outlet even though the challenge ends today.

Today Was a Beautiful Day

Today was a beautiful day.   As soon as I left the house, I felt a wave of relief pass over me.   Instead of the bitter cold, I was greeted by a warm, kind breeze.  I felt embraced by the Spring air, like a bear coming out of hibernation.   I went down to Marietta and took a walk on a beautiful trail by the river.  It was a simple joy, and a true luxury.

Phone call to heaven

Today I’ve been thinking about how much I miss my Yiayia (grandma).   We were close since I was a toddler and I called her at 4:00 pm each day after school.  She lived in Massachusetts and I grew up in Philadelphia, but we visited her constantly.  I remember  every few months my mom would wake us up and we’d hop in the car and drive the five hours to her house.  We’d only stay the weekend, but each trip seemed like a magical adventure.   My grandma and I would cook her special recipes, we’d play in the yard and she’d teach me how to turn curtains into dresses using her sewing machine.   She’d teach me Greek with her old yellow-paged children’s books from the 50’s and tell me stories in her native language.    Every time I visited she’d make my favorite Greek pastries (baklava, kourabiedes and floyeres) .   I remember the smell of her perfume, the feeling of embracing her tiny 4 ft 11 frame in my arms and the sight of her reading in every spare minute.   She taught me how to build a snow man, how to cook, how to nurture and the meaning of true love.    Sometimes I reach for the phone to call her, but then I realize she’s already with me.


Long day, longer night.

Lights off, PJs on

Eyes closed, mind wide open

covers pulled up, can’t turn thoughts down

house is quiet, clock ticks loudly

morning time, alarm clock rings

A Lovely Meal

Last night was fun! Since my husband works three weekends a month (including Easter), I decided to roast a lamb and do an alternate Easter so he wouldn’t miss out.  I invited seven of his relatives over to our tiny house.  Thank goodness our niece is only five or we may not have fit.   Aside from the space constraints, it was a lovely meal.  I roasted the lamb and made my Yiayia’s Greek potato salad.   Even though it was a school night and most of the adults are teachers, they stayed to watch a movie after dinner which made me happy.   My husband’s grandmother is 86 and she is night owl.   The two of them watched a movie until about 11:00 pm.  I had to leave to do reading and give feedback on math homework, but it warmed my heart to see the two of them sitting on the couch laughing when I cam back downstairs.  Having a loving family is truly a blessing.